Sustainable control of the horse chestnut leaf-miner, Cameraria ohridella (Lep., Gracillariidae), a new invasive pest of Aesculus hippocastanum in Europe.

The horse chestnut leaf-miner (Cameraria ohridella) is a member of the lepidopteran family Gracillariidae and was recorded for the first time from Macedonia in 1985 attacking horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) near Lake Ohrid. This moth was described as a new species of the genus Cameraria by Deschka and Dimic (1986). Totally unexpected, C. ohridella appeared in Austria in 1989 in the region of Linz. From then on, it rapidly spread east and west so that, by 2000, it had colonised major parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

On these pages you will find infos regarding the EU project CONTROCAM - 'Control of Cameraria' (QLK5-CT-2000-01684) AND also about Cameraria ohridella itself.


Last modified: 26.04.04