Drake’s $400K Bet: Jake Paul Loses to Tommy Fury

• Jake Paul and Tommy Fury faced off in a boxing match on Sunday night, with Fury emerging the victor via split decision. • Drake, a Canadian rapper and longtime Paul fan, had reportedly wagered $400,000 in Bitcoin on his hero’s success in the ring, leaving him with nothing but regret when Paul was defeated.

Japan to Launch CBDC Pilot in April 2023: Cautious Approach to Digital Currency

• Japan is set to begin piloting its central bank digital currency (CBDC) in April 2023. • The Bank of Japan is designing the CBDC based on Sweden’s e-krona model, and will conduct parallel transactions with private businesses as part of the testing phase. • China has already conducted pilots for its digital yuan across

Bitcoin Spurs US Investor Interest: Coinbase Premium Index Surges

• The Coinbase Premium Index is used to measure the difference between Bitcoin prices listed on Coinbase Pro (USD pair) and Binance (USDT pair). • When the Coinbase Premium Index has a positive value, it suggests that US investors are buying more than global investors. • The 30-day SMA of the Coinbase Premium Index has

Shiba Inu, Cardano & Hex: Whales Activating – Volatility Ahead?

• Recent on-chain data shows Shiba Inu whale activity has been high, which could lead to increased volatility in the meme coin’s price. • Cardano (ADA) and Hex (HEX) have also seen high whale activity recently according to data from the on-chain analytics firm Santiment. • When whales are making a large number of transfers,