• Jake Paul and Tommy Fury faced off in a boxing match on Sunday night, with Fury emerging the victor via split decision.
• Drake, a Canadian rapper and longtime Paul fan, had reportedly wagered $400,000 in Bitcoin on his hero’s success in the ring, leaving him with nothing but regret when Paul was defeated.
• Despite the loss, Drake displayed his wager proudly on Instagram, with Paul jokingly blaming him for the defeat.

The Highly-Anticipated Boxing Match

In a stunning turn of events, the highly-anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury on Sunday night ended in a split decision, with Fury emerging as the victor over the once-mighty Paul. The fight, held in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, went down to the wire as Fury won via split decision (74-75, 76-73, 76-73), despite Paul knocking Fury down in the eighth round.

Drake’s $400K Bitcoin Bet

Drake – Canadian rapper and longtime Paul fan – had reportedly wagered a staggering $400,000 in Bitcoin (roughly 17 BTC) on his hero’s success in the ring. With Paul’s defeat came a bitter truth: his loss had cost one of his biggest supporters a fortune. On Instagram however Drake proudly displayed his wager which he had made on cryptocurrency betting platform Stake – showing that should have won $1.44 million in bitcoin if he would’ve been victorious.

Jake Paul Jokingly Blames Drake

Paul jokingly blamed Drake for his loss to Tommy Fury saying “F***! This is all Drake’s fault!” He then added “Drake bro why did you do this to me? No it’s my fault… Sorry drake I’ll get that win in rematch.”

Drake’s Previous Wagers

Drake is notorious for making public his predictions for major athletic events before each one he wagers on. Back November he put down $2 million dollars on Israel Adesanya to win UFC 281 vs Alex Pereira only to have Alex Knock out Israel Adesanya costing drake 2 million Canadian dollar .On February 14th 2021 , he earned 1.26 million dollars after Kansas City Chiefs defeating Philadelphia Eagles In Super Bowl LVII . Other major losses include 275 thousand dollars betted On Jorge Masvidal’s fight and 234 thousand dollars lost after Charles Leclerc failed To win Spanish Grand Prix .

“The Drake Curse”

This phenomenon has been termed ‘The Drake Curse’ by fans who believe that anyone who gets associated with him sees their fortunes drop drastically soon afterwards – whether it be sports teams or individuals like Jake Paul losing fights they were expected to win easily..

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