• FTX, a crypto trading platform, has reportedly recovered $7 billion in liquid assets from its bankruptcy.
• The company allegedly used customer deposits to fund political donations and luxury properties for senior executives.
• The report says the exchange still owes its customers about $8.7 billion and expects more recoveries.

FTX Bankruptcy: $7 Billion in Liquid Assets Recovered

A new report reveals that beleaguered crypto trading platform FTX has so far clawed back billions of dollars in assets. According to the report, as of the petition date, the FTX.com exchange owed customers approximately $8.7 billion with over $6.4 billion of this deficit being in the form of fiat currency or stablecoin that had been misappropriated. The Debtors have managed to recover around $7 billion in liquid assets so far and anticipate further recoveries as their work progresses.

Politcal Donations and Luxury Real Estate Purchases

The current analysis shows that certain transactions were funded in part with commingled customer deposits which included political and ‘charitable’ donations, venture investments and acquisitions, as well as the purchase of luxury real estate for senior FTX Group employees in the Bahamas worth over $243 million respectively. It is reported that founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried along with other top executives donated over $100 million to politicians and political causes using customer funds.

Progress Being Made

Though there are ongoing challenges due to mismanagement of funds within the FTX Group, progress is being made towards recovering assets for those owed money by the bankrupt exchange platform. Despite some difficulties encountered while trying to identify, secure and recover these funds, they continue to make substantial progress with their efforts so far yielding positive results with more expected soon.

Investigation Continues

As investigations into how customer deposits were used continues on going forensic analysis is being conducted by debtors appointed by the court to uncover any suspicious activities or transactions carried out by top executives from within FTX Group — all while ensuring further recovery efforts are put into place where possible for those affected by this unfortunate situation.


In conclusion it can be seen that FTX is making significant steps towards recovering lost funds for their customers who’ve been affected by this bankruptcy situation; however there’s still much work left before full restitution can be achieved – but at least hope remains on horizon for many involved with this matter..

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