• A closely followed trader and analyst says that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is the biggest opportunity for the market’s next bull cycle.
• The lack of regulatory scrutiny on NFTs means that there should be less friction in the sector, which equals more growth.
• NFTs have the lowest intuitive barrier to entry for the average person, making them easier for wider adoption.

The Opportunity in Non-Fungible Tokens

A closely followed trader and analyst believes that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) present one of the greatest opportunities for the upcoming crypto bull cycle. Pseudonymous trader Kaleo says that NFTs have a low amount of regulatory scrutiny currently, which could lead to faster growth.

Low Regulatory Scrutiny

Kaleo points out that compared to other sectors in crypto industry, NFTs are not on regulators’ radar yet due to their low total market cap ($10B) and monthly sales volume ($809MM). This means that companies like OpenSea and Blur may not face similar lawsuits as Coinbase or Binance anytime soon.

Less Friction = More Growth

Since there is little regulation surrounding NFTs at this time, Kaleo believes this could lead to less friction and increased growth opportunities within the sector. He also argues that because regular people can easily understand what digital collectibles are, this might lead to wider adoption over time.

Bigger Fish To Fry

Kaleo notes that since the total crypto market cap is $1.1T while the total NFT market cap is only around 1% of this number, it’s likely regulators will have bigger fish to fry than focus on NFTs right now. However, he cautions that they may become part of regulators’ scope eventually so investors should keep an eye out for changes in regulations down the line.


The trader advises investors looking for major opportunities during the next bull cycle to pay attention to non-fungible tokens as they offer potential growth with relatively low risk at this time due their lack of regulatory scrutiny at present.

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